CNC Hotwire Foam Cutter Kit

To our knowledge there are no CNC Hotwire Kits or packages available for larger size machines with high production capabilities.  If you need a larger machine that will cut accurately day in and day out for a reduced price this option might be for you.

You Get:

  • Machine frame and linear guides ready to bolt together
  • 4 high quality stepper motors
  • 4 axis driver board and power supply
  • All software ready to install
  • Hotwire power supply, wire and springs
  • Precisions timing belt and pulleys
  • Custom machined aluminum parts for: Motor to frame attachment, Belt tentioning, Belt attachments

Everything you need to get you CNC Hotwire Machine working except a computer and locally available wires.

You Need:

To get the machine working you will need to do some time consuming work.  You will get the parts you need and you will have to use parts manufacturer specs and forums to get everything in working order.  Among other tasks you will need to:

  • Sauder wire connections from motors to driver board
  • Cut timing belts to length, attach to machine and tension.
  • Calibrate and set up electronics
  • Install and set up software

As all the machining work will be done for your all you will need to do is take the time to get everything together.  This can be tough, but will be a rewarding experience as you can deepen your knowledge of CNC and be better prepared to deal with future changes  you wish to make.

Price: $13,000 USD with freight included