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Dexmachine Dexcut CNC Hotwire Foam Cutting Machine



Dexcut Foam Cutting Machine

If you are looking for a hot wire CNC foam cutter that is accurate and dependable for professional and industrial use Dexcut is the CNC foam cutter that will work for you. Dexcut CNC foam cutters have all the capabilities required for the most demanding applications without the large price tag.

Cuts expanded polystyrene (eps foam/white foam), extruded polystyrene (xps foam/blue foam or pink foam) and expanded polypropylene (epp foam).


  • Easy to learn and use: It only take about 10 minutes to lean how to cut foam on a Dexcut machine
  • Fast and easy set up:  Set up will take about an hour and you will be ready to start cutting
  • Dependable accurate cuts:  Your parts will come out virtually identical every time
  • Smooth cuts:  Unlike some machines there is no vibration on a Dexcut machine so your cuts will have a smooth finish
  • Remote control operation: Dexcut comes standard with a remote control which is a must have
  • High speed cutting at 55 inches per minute: No slow cutting with a Dexcut CNC hot wire
  • Use advanced CAM programs such as DevFoam

Includes everything you need to start cutting

  • Computer and software
  • Leveling legs and floor attachment hardware
  • Drawing software or use your favorite drawing software
  • Online training and support



  • 48 inch effective cutting area on X axis and 48 inch effective cutting area on Y axis
  • Machines with larger effective cutting areas available
  • Cut 8 foot long foam blocks or larger
  • Flat screen monitor and computer preloaded with all software
  • 4 independent high torque stepper motors
  • Operates on standard 110v power
  • 1 year warranty on electronics and 3 year warranty on hardware
  • Life time phone and email support
  • Easy assembly with onsite assembly and training available
  • Onsite set up and training included in price for North America
  • CNC hotwire cutter shown with foam block holding frame available for additional charge


Pricing $ 15,999 USD 

Onsite setup and training in North America included!

Everything you need to start cutting is included.  Includes computer, software and

training to get you cutting fast!

Competitor Comparison:

Dexcut Competitor A Competitor B
4 axis CAM software yes yes yes
Monitor included yes no yes
Belt Drive yes yes no
Flexible configuration yes no no
Easy to upgrade and add features yes no no
Assembly Required No YES YES
Onsite training included YES NO No
Cost $15,999 $15,400 $20,000

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Custom CNC Hotwire

Do you need a custom size foam cutter or one with special capabilities?  Dexmachine can make you what you need at a competitive price.  Dexmachine aims to provide superior custom products at a fair price.

Dexmachine is ready to make virtually any size machine or tackle a project that involves robotics.